Ohai, I am Xavier Lur

About me

Xavier loves to transform brands, even each day brings a challenge to sell something new in the digital space — be it electric cars, coffee machines, or infant formula. Having sold his soul to Ogilvy & Mather three years ago when he was just an 18-year-old advertising rookie, Xavier has since worked on some of the biggest brands spreading across various industries — FMCG (Nestlé), Automobile (BMW), Telecommunications (Singtel), Technology (IBM and ASUS), and Financial Services (American Express).

Among the million other things he does at Ogilvy, Xavier specialises in digital ad strategy, with a track record of driving sales for his FMCG and luxury automobile clients at a cost per lead that is significantly lower than marketing dollars spent on Above The Line. He is a firm believer in integrating technology into marketing.

Before his current stint at Ogilvy, Xavier sold his technology blog when he was 16 years old, chalked up some writing experience at Yahoo! as a technology writer, and helped Microsoft Asia Pacific plan its digital ad strategy as a freelance digital strategist.

When he is not working or studying, you may find him indulging in good food, traveling and capturing the moments on his GoPro.


Want to have a chat over coffee? Reach out to me at via email at x@vier.lu (yes, it's a valid email address). I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.